Exclusive handcrafted candles for unique you

Why are our candles special?

Unique designs

Our candles are beautifully niche and fun and you will not find anything like it on the high street. Each candle is designed with home decor in mind.

Handcrafted with Love

Our candles are each handcrafted with care and attention to bring you the most pleasurable experience from burning them.

Powerful natural fragrance

The fragrance produced by our candles is ultimately powerful yet not synthetic or overpowering since we use only natural ingredients and oils in the production.

Explore Our Selection of Candles

Happy Hour

Do you have a favorite cocktail? If you can't enjoy it this very minute but you can certainly ‘drink in’ the smell of it! Enjoy your 'Happy Hour'!

Coffee Galore

You may not be a coffee lover but doesn’t coffee smell take you to that favorite coffee shop of yours? Light these to uplift your day without caffeine intake!

Sweet Scents

Wonderfully 'tasty' these dessert-scented candles will make your home feel snug and cosy during cold rainy nights.

Luv Bears

This range only consists of two candles but it is one of a kind. Luv Bears candles will serve as a beautiful reminder that we all are kids at heart.

We are a small local business that needs your support like never before.

We are honest and passionate about what we do.

Our mission is to make your life happier.